Sharon Marie Wright

I am a professional photographer specializing in dolls.  

I picked up a couple Emmy awards for writing/producing short format movies, been acknowledged for my acting and even got an attendance award at school once. 

I live in Los Angeles, migrated here from my hometown of Grandview, MO.  (Go Bulldogs) 

I love footed pajamas, Lifesaver Pep-O-Mints and stupid cat videos.  I have a pet pig and no, they do not stay small and you do not want one.

As far as my personal blog goes, everyone has had some sort of shit in their lives, I'm just documenting mine.  If you like it, great.  If not, I don't give a shit.

Live Fearlessly

I made a Rey

Holy crap - I got crafty! I am not an overly crafty person, even though I'd like to be but I hate cleaning up the mess. Yes, I'm lazy like that - oh well.

Moving on...

She's obviously not screen accurate - so don't bother emailing me to point out all the things I did wrong. Get over it. She is, however, representative of all the little girls who play dress up and dream of being a hero. Believe it or not, we don't all want to be pretty little princesses, many of us prefer to be able to take care of ourselves and maybe even save the world. (Shocking, I know)


I used a Makies doll I already had. If you aren't familiar with Makies you should really check them out. You can completely customize and build your own doll. You customize the entire face, select the hair, eyes, outfits, etc. They 3D print your design and ship it to you. You can easily create your own little "mini me"!  (This is not a paid advertisement - but you should still totally check them out). I should also mention, she was repainted by my daughter, this is not her original "face" by the company. Everything else was just stuff I had laying around the house. The shoes were from Integrity Toys. I got them over a year ago and never bothered to open the package - only to find out now that I have 2 right shoes. Bummer, but not the end of the world - she is a hero after all ;)