Door To Door

My friend, LeeAnne, reminded me today after reading the "Clown" post, that it was that same summer that her and I, dressed in our clown gear, and went door to door in her neighborhood trick-or-treating.

In the middle of summer.

I also recall being about 8, maybe.  My friend across the street, Julie and I put on our Girl Scout uniforms and decided to go door-to-door collecting for "Unicef".  Cuz we wanted money to buy something stupid that I don't even remember. 

We got so mad when people would give us checks.  How the hell were we going to cash checks!  We dumped that shit in the creek.

We were raking in the dough though.  Many trips to 7-11 were made and we were on a sugar fucking high!

Then her mom started questioning it.  My friend was not as skilled at acting (i.e. lying) as I was.....damnit.


Holy shit balls!  Our fucking parents were pissed!  We had to dig the checks out of the slimy water, we were made to go back to everyones houses and apologize in person.  We had to work for weeks and do chores and pay the money to Unicef....OMG....we had no idea what we were doing but we knew we weren't going to do it again.

At least not without clown makeup! 

What stupid shit did you do as a kid?  Time to fess up!

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