Skinning a Sex Doll (NSFW)

Skinning a Sex Doll (NSFW)

I can't throw her in the trash, she wouldn't fit any way.  I can't just set her out on the curb - I really like our neighborhood and would like to continue to live here without being looked at as "the freaky neighbors". I'm sure as hell not going to put her on Craigslist and invite people over to examine her wares. 

I'll just skin the bitch.  

That's a logical solution.

Zombies + Dolls = Your Worst Nightmare

For many people, what I do as a doll photographer is creepy enough. But this - this just went to a whole new level of OMG!  Combine innocent looking dolls and give them a Walking Dead makeover...ya, you might want to sleep with the lights on after this.

Holy shit I had fun with these!  As a photographer it's such a blast when a client tells you to just have fun and do what you do - so that's exactly what I did!

Mombie & Son are the artistic team that created these OOAK (one of a kind) resin BJD dolls, and yes, you can actually own one  (or all) of them to terrorize your own home.  Hi, my name is Sharon and I am an enabler. 

sleep tight....

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a stormtrooper and his blaster (NSFW)

When you receive a 1/6 scale seamless male doll from Phicen, and he comes with 3 detachable penises and no head, well...your imagination runs a bit wild. 

I'll let you guess how you stick them on.

I'll let you guess how you stick them on.