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The Pool Party

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After Ever After

Things don't always have a happy ending

Doll: Superdoll Freize
Shout out to Chynadoll Creations who made all the food props. They are way better than trash but worked nicely for this purpose :) 

Of course, our cat Mongo always has to get in the action. Usually I make sure he's inside if I go out to shoot but he was sneaky this time and came up on me without warning. He always has to be right where I'm trying to focus at, lol.  After he got ran off from where I was trying to shoot, he decided to annoy me by trying to fit in the box lid I used to bring out all my props. He wishes he was that small! Silly cat was spilling out all over the place in it.

He's a big 14lb goofball (but the best cat in the history of ever)

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